Centerfire Rifle Bullets

Upon impact, Nosler’s exclusive E² Cavity™ [Energy Expansion Cavity™] allows for immediate and uniform expansion, yet retains 95% weight for improved penetration. The E² Cavity™ provides amazing stopping power and peerless penetration over a broad spectrum of impact velocities, rivaling even the highest quality lead-core bullets.

  1. Signature OD Green Polymer Tip. Nosler’s advanced polymer tip initiates expansion while delivering unsurpassed penetration and weight retention.
  2. ECR™. The Expansion Control Ring insures controlled expansion at a wide range of velocities and conditions, making the E-Tip very versatile.
  3. E² Cavity™. The exclusive Energy Expansion Cavity™ provides a dual-expansion chamber for amazing stopping power and uniform expansion with 95%+ weight retention for superior penetration.
  4. Solid Copper-Alloy Construction. Nosler’s one-piece design meets all “lead-free” hunting regulations.
  5. Boat Tail Design. Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance and for easier loading.
  • OD Green Polymer Tip
  • Expansion Tip
  • E² Cavity™
  • Solid Gilding Metal Construction
  • Lead Free
  • 95% Weight Retention

OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE VELOCITY: Minimum: 1800 fps (549 mps), Maximum: Unlimited

6mm 90 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59165 Spitzer Point Lead Free
25 Caliber 100 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59456 Spitzer Point Lead Free
6.5mm 120 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59765 Spitzer Point Lead Free
6.8mm 85 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59543 Spitzer Point Lead Free
270 Caliber 130 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59298 Spitzer Point Lead Free
7mm 140 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59955 Spitzer Point Lead Free
7mm 150 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59426 Spitzer Point Lead Free
30/30 Caliber 150 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59451 Spitzer Point Lead Free
30 Caliber 150 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59378 Spitzer Point Lead Free
30 Caliber 168 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59415 Spitzer Point Lead Free
30 Caliber 180 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59180 Spitzer Point Lead Free
8mm 180 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59265 Spitzer Point Lead Free
338 Caliber 200 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59186 Spitzer Point Lead Free
338 Caliber 225 Grain E-Tip Bullet 59372 Spitzer Point Lead Free