Centerfire Rifle Bullets

Nosler, Inc. the world’s foremost bonded bullet manufacturer is announcing their new Bonded PERFORMANCE™ .224 caliber, 64 grain Bonded Solid Base® bullet. The 64 gr Bonded PERFORMANCE™ bullet is designed to maximize the terminal performance of .22 caliber rifle cartridges. While most .22 caliber bullets are designed to be highly frangible, the Bonded Solid Base® is designed for controlled expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration. The Bonded Solid Base® makes an excellent medium game hunting bullet for states where .22 caliber rifles are legal for hunting as well as personal defense.

The Bonded Solid Base® bullet features a Protected Point design for reliable feeding in both bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. The tapered jacket ensures controlled expansion while the proprietary bonding process prevents fragmentation and guarantees high weight retention. The AccuBond® bonding process welds the copper jacket to the lead core to virtually eliminate the possibility of core-jacket separation. Solid Base® construction supports the mushroom for wide wound channels and deep, straight-line penetration.

  1. Protected Point design. Protected Point design for reliable feeding in AR rifles
  2. AccuBond® bonding process. AccuBond® bonding process welds the jacket to the core to prevent core-jacket separation
  3. Solid Base®. Solid Base™ construction ensures straight-line penetration
  • Reliable feeding
  • High Weight Retention
  • Maximum Penetration
  • Reliable expansion
  • The .224 64gr. Bonded Solid Base® bullet will be available in component form in 100 count packaging, as well as loaded in Nosler’s own Nosler® DEFENSE™ 223 Remington ammunition.

OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE VELOCITY: Minimum: 1600 fps ( 487mps), Maximum: Unlimited

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